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Dino Ladki’s coaching style is informed by his 15+ years experience as a casting director, his love of actors and his intuitive understanding of the craft. He has taught acting workshops for both the Screen Actors Guild and commercially run entities around the country and has been an invited guest instructor for several well-known

L.A. based acting teachers. He also directed the play “Isn’t it Romantic” for the Hollywood Fight Club Theatre, which played to sold out audiences. 


Dino has a no-nonsense approach to coaching. Whether it's for an audition or for a role you have already booked, all methods and approaches are on the table - whatever elicits your best work. He encourages performances that are fueled by your own personality while always making sure that you stay true to the character as written.  He strives for each performance to be raw and true and in the moment with no hint of affectation or premeditation.

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