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In business since the year 2000, AuditionTape, Inc. provides actors with a venue for professional video taping in a relaxed environment, giving them the time and space to review and perfect their work. Founded and operated by Casting Director Dino Ladki, the service was the first of its kind in Los Angeles, having begun operations before video on the internet was even a practical application - in the beginning, clients walked away with VHS tapes!


Things have come a long way since then. These days, producers and/or casting directors/agents receive the auditions within minutes via email and watch instantly on their computer - no muss, no fuss. They receive a private link that allows them to download the video file to their computer. The link and the video file automatically expire within 14 days so auditions never linger on the internet, and are only seen by those whom were authorized to do so. Auditions can also be streamed online, via platforms such as Vimeo, upon request.


In the time that the service has been available, hundreds of actors, from Rachel McAdams to Vinnie Jones, have been put on tape, with many a gig booked along the way. An absolute necessity for actors hailing from Canada, New York, and Europe who need to send auditions back to their home base, the service also fills a need for local actors who have conflicting auditions and agents/managers who are having trouble getting their clients in for a live audition. A 1/2 hour at AuditionTape can mean the difference between getting seen for a role via online audition and not getting seen at all!


Over the years, imitators and competitors have come and gone, but AuditionTape remains for the simple reason that Dino's priority is that actors be given the opportunity to present their best work. AuditionTape, Inc. is much more than a cameraman and a backdrop. The lighting and camera work is always top notch, but at the end of the day, they are a mere periphery compared to the nurturing environment provided by this casting professional. At AudtionTape, Inc. the pressure is off, artistry flourishes, and the actor's work is paramount.

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